The Most Beautiful Time of the Year

Every season has something I like about it. However, fall is my absolute favorite. I love the color changes that surround me. The fields that have been green with the growth of the season is now orange and yellow as the crops prepare for their final days before harvest. I love waking up and needing a jacket before leaving the house - seeing my breath for the first time in months and feeling my nose turn cold as I walk around the block.

I love preparing my house for the season. I look forward to the days when we are snuggled in safe from a winter storm - and I love the prelude to that season - as I light the pumpkin scented candles in the entryway and pull out the fleece cover to drape over the back of the couch.

I enjoy peeling apples with my daughter, talking about school and making an apple crisp to share. I love the smells that leave the kitchen enticing the other children to make their way downstairs for a tasty treat.

I love this season. The season that always seems to remind me that my God is an artist that paints the landscape beautifully. His palette of colors never ceases to amaze me. So, as the trees around me whisper their last goodbyes before the leaves fall to the ground - I think of the God who made them. He truly delights my soul with His handiwork.

In what season do you find the most enjoyment?

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