A Question for You

We are taking this week to evaluate and plan out the new year. The kids and I sat down for two hours this afternoon and divided life into different categories. Then, we started to plan. It was neat to listen and see the insight they had for the new year.

The categories were: Spiritual, Family, Academic, Musically, Personal Development, Ministry.

I had extra on my list - and one of them was blogging. I must admit that my blog has fallen very short of my original desired plan for it. I must be honest and say that this past year has been one of the most difficult years I have ever had. Almost everything about my life has changed in the past year- it has been a time of readjusting and reevaluating. I have found myself either, not in the mood to blog - or afraid too-(afraid because as much as I believe in keeping blogs 'real'-I also believe in keeping blogs edifying!)

With that said - I will tell you I have several thought about the new year and my blog. I have some giveaway ideas floating around in my head. I have some book reviews I would like to do and some topics I would like to cover. My ultimate desire is that my blog will be spiritually uplifting to all who read it; and will bring honor to God.

Now comes the question: do any of you - (regular readers, friends or lurkers ;p ) have any thoughts on things for my blog. I would LOVE to hear from you. I plan on doing a post towards the end of this week letting you know of my new plans. So make sure you drop by Friday or Saturday.

Please post a comment - I would like to hear your ideas.




Susan said...

I have enjoyed your blog just as it is, Martie! Your ideas for the new year sound exciting, but honestly, you don't actually **need** to change a thing! Having said that, I enjoy book reviews and "instructional" type things, like the series you did on biblical feminine dress. Those would be interesting to read!

I have also had a rough year, which I haven't gone into on my blog, for the same reasons you haven't - and also because some things are just personal. A lot of my struggles have been over things relating to my season of life - children almost grown, hormonal issues and changes . . . just too personal for me and/or my children. I try to be real on my blog, but I also try to keep personal things personal! :)

Sharon said...

Martie, I agree with Susan. Your blog is fine as is.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog as it is and you need not feel any pressure to change it! But I know that as time permits it would be a great tool for some instructional thoughts and the like. You are a blessing and I enjoy this extra peek in your life since I don't often get to chat in person and hear what's going on. I understand not sharing certain things because of privateness of some things, but I am also blessed when someone shares their thoughts- and how God has enabled right thinking and response. Anyway, hope that is helpful...enjoy the rest of your Christmas break! ~Jolene

Virtually Violin said...

I love your blog just the way it is - just take my pictures off:)
-Your Daughter!

Sheryl Shaffer said...

Well, everyone else took the words right out of my mouth! One reason I keep coming back to your blog, is first because...I love YOU. Second, I find it refreshing that you get below the surface of life and you say what others might be feeling themselves. Don't try to reinvent yourself. Your blog is beautiful and enriching just as it is. You're growing through your trials and that gives you even more good things to say. Thanks for being a blessing!