Surgery Update

We are back from the hospital. Zak is doing very very good! We documented the whole day yesterday with pictures. I will post when I have a little more time.

The thing that seems to be consuming Zak's mind at the present is making up for the breakfast meal he had to skip the morning of the surgery. Last night before he left the hospital he had consumed 3 bowls of mashed potatoes, 1 bowl of squash, 2 pieces of gluten free french toast, 2 jellos and 2 Popsicles.

This morning he is at it again. Pancakes, Popsicles and applesauce.

The question I have- how can someone so small eat so much food - and still be small!!??

Hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for all your prayers.


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Melissa said...

Glad Zakkie has an appetite! I know when Caleb had his second set of ear tubes (and adnoids removed) -- he was out of sorts much longer than the first time around.

(And if he's eating like that -- watch out! I bet his pants will get shorter in a week or two!) :)

Miss you!