The Prayer and the Purchase

The morning started early. Shower taken, hair done for the day, coffee brewed and ready - - I sat down to spend some time with Him. Bible in hand, I read as I sipped from my cup. As I finished my reading I closed my eyes and spent time in prayer. I prayed that God would give me opportunity to share Him with someone - - today!

The kids awoke. Pull ups were replaced by the big girl alternative and promises of candy were given as reminders. Cereal was poured - dishes washed - laundry started.

Plans were made to go to the grocer and get some last minute items for tonight's dinner with friends. Pull ups were put back on for "just in case" - shoes were tied - coats zipped - car seats buckled. As we arrived at the store, reminders were given that hands were to not touch - the list was pulled from my purse - cart selected and the shopping begun.

Items were purchased - kids told to stay with Mom. Tokens were given as a gift from the cashier - junk toys were selected by two wide eyed little ones. Kids were loaded in the van - car seats buckled - groceries loaded - and we were on our way home.

The short trip brought us past a convenience store. A couple dollars were left in my wallet from a gift given to me by my parents for Christmas. In an impetuous spirit, I pulled in deciding to get a treat for me. I quickly walked into the store - grabbed my purchase and headed to the check out.

Then life stopped - and God talked...

I was in my own world - my mind busy thinking of all that needed done - and then God said, "Look..."

The cashier was apologizing and telling him there was not enough there. The man turned away dejected. I looked - it was a loaf of bread - nothing else - just one loaf. Then God spoke again. I acted upon His leading and stepped up.

"I can get that for him." The cashier looked taken back; the customer surprised. The rest of my money went to pay for the loaf; and somehow I thought perhaps out of all the things I was able to buy with my money gift - this one was the best.

I walked out and found the man getting into his car. I handed him a tract and asked him if he would read it. I told him the information in that tract had changed my life and I try to share it with everyone I can. He took it, agreed to read it and we went our separate ways.

The God spoke again, reminding me that He answers prayer. When we ask Him to lead us to someone - He makes sure our paths cross; and when we obediently obey His bidding He is able, through us to be shared with those needing Him. It is an awesome thought to think that just maybe the very reason I was here on earth today was to share Christ with that one that needs Him.

I am reminded once again to look for those opportunities that He brings my way and to act upon His leading in my life. I don't want to miss even one opportunity - may His will for my life be mine!

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Persuaded said...

What a wonderful blessing.... for both of you. Isn't it wonderful when the Lord uses you? Best feeling in the world!
warmest blessings to you Martie♥

Susan said...

That's a blessing, Martie! I need to pray that more often and then open my eyes. I pray that man sees his need of a Savior and will be saved soon!

Melissa said...

I almost cried. When I told Shelli about this morning, I DID cry! The Lord is so faithful! I am praying that tract and your kindness impact that man for eternity!