Chocholate Addiction Uncovered

Is it possible?

Can it be true?

Do I dare even think that the task is done?

A week and a half with no mishaps?

Do I dare go to the store without these?

She seems to be trained. We have given her enough M&M's to cause her to develop juvenile onset diabetes - (if consuming to much sugar is what caused it).

I got to thinking as we ran to the potty for the hundredth time this afternoon and she tinkled just a little tiny bit and then asked for candy - "Is this why us women love our chocolate? Because as toddlers we become addicted to it after we were successful in the bathroom?

Works for me...

Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad you did.


west family said...

I think you may have something there. My husbands sister swares that every time she hears running water she feels the need to run to the 'lou'. My mother in law takes the blame for this one, because as she tried to potty train her little ones she always turned the water on so they could hear it in hopes that it would help them want to go. So maybe all of our tactics really do stay with us....whether it be chocolate addictions or doing the potty dance when we hear running water! :o)

Martie said...


Perhaps we are on to something here. I wonder how many things I have done with the kids will effect them for life - you know it is always the mother's fault. LOL