The Museum

I was able to take the little kids to the museum before school let out for the big kids. We had a fantastic time. It is so neat to watch little ones take in all that is around them. I love watching their eyes look and learn.

Here we are at the entrance of the museum.

Dinosaurs! Zak was so excited to see this exhibit. (Anna was feeling the need to keep an eye on what was going on behind her.)

Here we are visiting South America.
(Anna still not sure she is able to keep her eyes forward)


Lunch time. We ate outdoors despite the 90 degree heat. (Anna kept her eyes on the museum doors. I am not sure if she was thinking that something big was going to be coming out of them!)

The favorite exhibit of all. We went there twice. The two loved walking through the room and watching the butterfly's flying around them.

Taking it all in.

Anna would put her finger out waiting for one to land - then if a butterfly would come near her she would run away.

The butterfly on Zak's right had just landed on his shirt. (It is in flight as I took the picture.)

Anna asking the butterfly that was on Zak's shirt to land on her shirt. (She even said please!)

Up Close.

Learning - even at 2.

My favorite picture from the day.

The weather here is hot and feeling much like summer. Trust you are enjoying your start to summer. Thanks for stopping by - I am so glad you did.


Persuaded said...

Such cuties! You have me longing for a two year old of my own♥

west family said...

I need to take you guys to the betty brinn museum sometime. WOuldn't that be fun. I hope that your Rachel is doing better. Hope to see you tomorrow night.

Walking by Faith said...

They are so cute! Looks like fun!=)