Life Here At Home

It has been good to be back home. I could not believe how tired I was when we got to the house. It was like as soon as we walked into the house I was able to know that I could relax a little and rest. I pretty much fell asleep at the dinner table on Tuesday night. Rob told me I had to go to bed. I did not object!

On Wednesday, I was still feeling quite tired. Rob and the older kids went to church and I stayed here with the little ones and Rachel. After I got the little kids to sleep I thought I would lay down a little bit and rest. I did not get up the rest of the evening. I can not believe how a week at a hospital can take it out of a Mom!!

Rachel is still very tired and has heaviness in her legs and arms. We are trying to get her to use them as much as possible; but it is hard to know how much to do and all. We are looking forward to having her therapy sessions tomorrow to give us a better idea of what all she should be working on and doing while she is here at home.

We also will meet with the pediatrician tomorrow. I am looking forward to talking with her and finding out what her recommendations are for us now. While the diagnosis of Guillian-Baare has been given it has been disputed by several of the doctors. I am not sure why they want to run all these tests for her and then when the results are given they debate the results. This has led to a lot of confusion in my mind as to what we are up against and what the course of action should be. I would have to say I am a bit frustrated by it all at this time. I am praying that her doctor will be able to make some of these issues clear to us. Please pray for that at this time.

We also are busy getting our house ready to sell. We will be moving out of here in 4 weeks and there is a lot to do. We have been busy packing and doing a few projects around the house to make it a little bit more 'sell able'. At least we are not sitting around her bored to death!! LOL

Well, I just wanted to update you all on what things are here. Thanks for all your prayers for us and for Rachel - it means so much!


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Becky K. said...


You are certainly in my prayers. So much on your plate. I cannot imagine. I spent three days in the hospital this week and now that I am home I cannot begin to imagine packing up our home to move. Yikes!

Praying that a definite diagnosis and plan of action is forthcoming.

Becky K.