Tuesday Morning

Last night Rachel had an episode and we walked her through it they way will at home without the doctor's around. It was really neat to work with her through that time as her body was not being able to move and to just quote scripture with her and keep her thoughts on God. We continued to tell her that what was happening to her body was a normal part of the healing process. (This always causes some anxiety.) God was faithful and just ministered to her during that time. It was great to watch as she was able to relax - let her body be weak and trust God to bring her through.

The episode lasted about 15 minutes and her legs were paralyzed and numb for about 20 minutes longer, then everything returned to normal again. This will be the biggest challenge as we are home and getting her stronger there. Pray for Rachel to have a real sense of God's presence during those times of weakness.

She had a great night of sleep and we are ready for a long day ahead of us getting ready to go home. I will update as I can.



Anonymous said...

Martie, you and your family are in our prayers. Thank you for the updates, it helps to know how to pray for Rachel. We miss you and love you. Plz tell everyone hi.
Love Rhonda

the Weigt Family said...

I hope this note finds you all settling in at home. We are keeping Rachel and all of you in our prayers, asking God to be with you as you now help her on this long road to recovery. We look forward to hearing how God continues to bring her healing and strength. Love and Prayers, the Weigt family