Comic Relief

Zak will always be comic relief for me. The week Rachel was in the hospital I was reminded of how much that kid makes me laugh. I missed his jokes. Perhaps, the reason he makes me laugh so much is because he says things and does not even realize that he is being funny.

That is what happened the other night after his bath. I had allowed him to take in a few toys to play with in the tub. (The toys were completely selfishly motivated on my part. I had a lot to do; and figured that a tub full of toys would keep him in one place for a long time!)

After the bath was done and he was finished putting on his PJ's I went in and was picking up the toys and putting them into an old ice cream pail. He was so happy when he saw that I was leaving them in the pail and in the tub! It was then that his unknown humor made me laugh.

Zak: You leaving those in the tub? (looking at the pail in my hand)

Mom: umhumm (Continuing to pick the toys up)

Zak: That will be great! You are a great Mom because you are going to keep my toys in the tub for my bathing.

Mom: (Just laughter. Something made me laugh when I heard the word 'bathing' - like swimming; but bathing.

Zak: Why are you laughing?

Mom: I like your word bathing

Zak: Well, I like that you are leaving my toys in for my bathing

Mom: (Still amused) Well, why don't you do your teething now (handing him a toothbrush)

Zak: Mom! Teething?

Mom: Well if you can say 'bathing', surely I can say, 'teething".

Zak: (Closing his eyes and shaking his head back and forth) Mom, you are as funny as a Dodge truck. That's how funny you are - as funny as a Dodge truck.

I am not sure how funny a Dodge truck can be; but to Zak it must be pretty funny. He laughed the whole time the toothbrush was in his mouth. With him around, I am never at a loss for a smile!


Becky K. said...

What a sweetheart he is. Love that picture of his huge smile.

Becky K.

Abbie Sikma said...

Zak may be a handful at times but he's also a great "therepy" for the downhearted! :)