Our Morning Schedule

This is our morning schedule. Three weeks into the school year and it has been a great blessing to us!

4:45- Mom - Up/ Shower /Ready for Day

Kids- Sleeping

5:15 - Mom - God and I Time

Kids - Still sleeping :)

5:45- Mom - Supervise Zak doing sunshine chores

James- set food out on table

Girls - ready for day ( Abbey gets Anna around for her day)

6:00- Mom - Pack lunch boxes

Zak and Anna - help Mom

Older Kids - continue getting ready

6:15 - Breakfast / Wash personal dishes / brush teeth

6:30 - All Kids - God and I Time *

Mom - Do dinner prep (crock pot) brush teeth, pour coffee for the road

6:50 - Everyone- prep to leave / head out to the van

7:00-Pull out of the driveway being careful on Monday not to take out the trash can ( a normal event last year - every Monday - - I am all for changes! :)

* All the older kids do their God and I time in their rooms. Zak and Anna sit on the couch in the front room and listen to the Bible on CD or a preaching CD for their God and I time.

This is our routine in the mornings. It has been working beautifully. I wish that I could get the kids more time for their God and I time; but with living so far out, and having to leave so early, that is not possible. Rob and I figure that 20 minutes consistently is better than 45 minutes hit and miss. I take consolation in that fact!

Breakfast is pretty quick; but we do have a no talking rule during the breakfast time. That way it keeps things moving and also allows for me to go over the day with them if there is anything I need to talk with them about. Having each of the kids wash their own dishes from breakfast saves me quite a bit of time. I do wash my own and Zak and Anna's dishes.

Trust the start to your new school year is going well. It does not matter if we send our kids to school, or make the choice to homeschool them - every child will benefit from a routine each morning.

Thanks for stopping by - I am so glad you did!




Jackie Koll said...

Thanks for sharing - I always like seeing what others do. I must confess, I'm not a morning person though so the thought of getting up at 4:45 does not appeal to me :-) I'm working right now at just getting out of bed by 7:00 but my boys sleep until 8:30 or 9:00 so that still gives me time to get ready and have my quiet time before they ever get up ;-)

Martie said...

Jackie, Glad you came for a visit. :) I must assure you that I get up at that time ONLY because I have to in order to get the kids off to school on time. When we homeschooled I got up later also. That is the beauty of schooling at home. When we homeschool again - that time will be moved back a bit too. Thanks for the visit.