Rest and Relaxation

Our morning routine starts pretty early. Everyone has their assigned tasks, timed bathroom visits and their own dishes to wash. I spend my mornings assembling lunch boxes, putting dinner into the crock pot and hurrying everyone out the door at the appointed time. No time for dawdling.

The arrival at school is filled with same intensity as everyone gathers their book bags, lunch boxes, instruments and makes sure that Zak does not run out in front of in-coming vehicles. It keeps us all on our toes - right to the very end.

When the last side door has been shut, the last trunk door slammed, it is then that I hear this cute little voice from right behind my seat fill the silence with this statement. "Let's go shoppin, Mommy!"

I have heard that shopping helps a woman to relax. I am not sure if that is true or not; but I know when I hear that little voice my nerves do a lot to relax as I laugh and think of what Rob would do if he heard the same thing. Somehow that thought alone seems to melt all the tension away. I then say with glee, "Oh, yes, Anna - lets do! Let's go shopping!"

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