Vision Exam

It amazes me how God has a way of putting it all into perspective.

Life seems to constantly drive us. Forward. Backward. From side to side. Direction is irrelevant. Constant motion is the objective. Anything and everything coming at us to keep us moving. Constantly busy. Void from the thought that perhaps there is something else.

The bustle of life can make us loose perspective. On what is important. On what matters. Instead, we focus on the trivial. The trivial changes from situation to situation; but the end result is the same. Emptiness. Our lack of perspective brings our everyday life to be summed up in one word. Vanity.

Then... the Holy Spirit begins His work. He uncovers the issues. We see clearly our busyness. Our emptiness. He shows us how our spiraling thoughts move us from one issue to the next - all with our self as the focus. He whispers with a still small voice, "Is this what it's all about?"

The questions come. They drive us to examine. Examine things we have just taken as the way it is supposed to be - because it is the way they've always been. The questions continue in our minds throughout the day. They interrupt the quietness of our nighttime hours. They invade our thinking, whether we are at home alone and by our self; or whether we are in a crowded room filled with people.

Finally we come to the conclusion: "There has to be more..."

Then... in His mercy and grace He shows us exactly what we needed. He shows us someone else. He shows us His love for them and asks us to stop the merry-go-round of life to allow His love to minister to them through our lives. When we do the picture clears. It all makes sense. Suddenly we see what He has for us. Others.

I want my life to be enveloped in others. It's not about me. It's about an awesome God who has power to save anyone, anytime - for all of eternity. It's about HIM!
Tonight, the light came on. A 'little' opportunity turned into a water shed moment. WOW! I almost missed it! I'm thankful He has a way of bringing the lens of life into clear perspective. I surely am enjoying the picture!
Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.

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