Date Night

This past weekend Rob and I were able to enjoy a night to ourselves. We called it our 'date' night. The evening included a 45 minute drive through the country. We were able to attend a special night set aside to celebrate the season. The retreat center was offering dinner and a concert to follow. We arrived in plenty of time; Rob took advantage of the extra time to take in some reading.

Before dinner began we were able to enjoy the prelude music. The music was provided by the music department of our church. It seems funny to me that for the first 10 years after the kids are born we are paying someone to come and watch our kids in order to have a date night. Now, we are paying to watch are kids for our dates. I think I like this option the best.

There were lots of instruments. Lots of music and an overall enjoyable night.

The hall was beautifully decorated for the season. I love to white lights of Christmas.

Abbey played in a piece right by our table! I was able to get a shot of her with her cello. One of my most favorite things to do is to watch my children as they play their instruments. Abbey has a beautiful way of expressing her music as she plays her cello.

James and Abbey participated in a reader's theater. They told the Christmas story in their presentation.

An intermission allowed us the time to talk to the kids for a little while. I was able to take this shot of James and one of his friends.

The second half of the program was excerpts from the Messiah. Pastor closed off the night by encouraging people to talk with the kids about their relationship with Christ. It was neat to watch people talking to those in attendance after the concert.

Overall, we had a beautiful night. I wish that Rachel could have been there also; but her health is not yet up to par enough for something like this.
We had a wonderful drive home. Seems the best conversations can take place in the car. I am thinking that being alone in the car - with no kids; and driving at an hour of the day that does not condone cell phone calls, helps the conversation to be at an optimum.
Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad you did.

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