Magic Fingers

I heard her little fingers playing. Notes here and there. They I heard an exasperated sigh and a frustrated grunt.

The fingers played again. I continued working. Notes here and there; and exasperated sigh and the frustrated grunt followed. Then I heard a little voice say, "I can't get it to come out!"

Again, more notes. This time the sigh was louder and the grunt that followed showed clearly that they frustration was growing. "It won't come out."

I decided it was time to make my move. "What's wrong, Anna?" I quizzed

She looked up at me and said with a whine, "I can't get 'Wise Man Built His House Upon a Rock' to come out!"

She played a few more notes, and then looked up at me with a 'see, I told you so' look on her face. Then a light came on. "Can you make it come out, Mom?" She was so sure of this idea that her legs were already manoeuvring her body from off the bench.

I sat down. I played. Her eyes got big and she clapped, "You got it to come out!" Can you make "Jesus love me to come out too?"

Needless to say, we spent some time this morning signing around the piano. Just me and her; and I LOVED it!

Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.


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