Hard to Sit

I am still recovering from surgery. I had my one week checkup yesterday. Everything went well and the doctor told me that several tumors and multiple cysts were found when I had surgery. We did not know any of this before the surgery. All of the lab reports have shown that there was no cancer; but I am thankful that they were all able to be removed. God is so good to us to give us peace to go forward with the surgery; and then to find out how pertinent the surgery was! We are thankful.

I am trying to be good at home. I have four sets of eyes watching my every move. They seem to keep reporting me for infractions that are being committed that do not help my recovery. It is a little frustrating! It is hard to sit still!

I am working on a little sewing. I hope to have a jumper done that I have been working on for Abbey. I am getting some materials to complete a cross stitch design that I never seem to have the time to sit and finish. I also have finished a book and am working on another one. Reading is hard because I get tired so easy. In fact, I can not think of any time in my life when I have been more tired than I am now. I still can not drive and can not do stairs. I did try to manage the stairs and get a few loads of laundry in; but I was quite sore afterwards; and knew I had done too much. (A fact that my husband was more than eager to continue to explain to me!)

We have changed our phone service and done away with our land line. In so doing, we have discontinued our Internet service. We are checking on our options and hope to have something soon; but until then the library is our source for online. With that said, my Internet posts will be fewer. So, if you do not hear from me - it is just a temporary break from the action.

Just wanted to post on update on things here. Trust your summer is going well. I am looking forward to Rob taking me to the garden this evening and seeing how things are growing there. Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad you did.


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