Time to Write

I am trying my best to post more on my blog. It has been a chore trying to get it done. I told my husband, "I want to be blogging about the life I live or want to live; but I'm finding I don't have the time because I am too busy living the life I live."

The school year is underway and the motor is running. Finally the schedule is in order, has been being run pretty well now for a couple of weeks and I am starting to see results. I am finding the time to write because it is in the schedule and the kids have been warned not to disturb me during this time.

It feels good to be back writing. Back here with friends. I have missed writing more than I could ever tell anyone. I love to write. When I write I loose all track of time. They say that is what happens when you are doing something you love. (That is why I know I do not like exercising. I never loose track of time there. I count every. single. minute. till it is over. lol) Perhaps, the only thing I enjoy doing more than writing is playing the piano; but I am pretty sure that they are even and enjoyed the same.

I love what happens when I write. I start seeing life from a different angle. A writing angle. The kids will say something to me that I will make a mental note to write about. A man will pass me on the street and I will analyze him for a character in a story I am writing. Somehow life is such a better place when able to write about it!

I had spent a lot of time writing a fiction book set in WWII. Unfortunately, all of my book was lost when we had computer problems earlier this year. This has been a bit of a discouragement to me; but I am thankful that all my research was in hard copy. I have renewed my quest to write the book and will be starting it again next week. Maybe someday, I will have a book with my name on the front cover - rather than in the front cover. :) (I can dream, can't I?)

Hope you are able to find the time to do the things that you enjoy doing. I think you can expect more blog posts on a more frequent basis. My writer's cramp is gone. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. I love having guests on my blog.



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