Our Move in Pictures

I wanted to outline our trip to North Carolina.  What an adventure we have been on! 

The date for our move got changed to the end of June.  The end of June is also the time for two of our children to celebrate their birthdays.  To simplify things, and also to make sure that we were able to celebrate as a family we took a morning and went to Appleton to enjoy a family lunch. 

James and Rachel wanted to go to HuHut before we left the state of Wisconsin - so it became a great place to celebrate their birthday's.

We also were able to visit Anna's foster parent's before we left.  I am still amazed at how connected Anna is to these wonderful people.  She just loves them.  How thankful I am that God put her in a home that loved and cared for her until we were able to have her.  We will always be thankful for them!

Packing day arrived and we were so thankful for the help that we had to load the truck.  The day was full of downright hard work; but the day went so smooth.  Thanks to all our friends who helped us move. 

We started our moving day out with a picture of the kids by our 26 foot moving truck.  We then headed out in a caravan.  I can not tell you how stressful this was for me to have Rachel driving in front of me and the big yellow truck in front of her.  The big cities were the hardest to maneuver; but God kept us all safe - and together and I am thankful.  Here are the pictures from the days on the road. 

We unpacked the truck in quick order with help from so many here at Tri-City Baptist Church.  Thank You!!  We also were visited by an injured buzzard during the first couple of hours at the new place.  Made me realize that I was in the country now! 

Overall, things are settling down to normal.  We joined the church on July 1st - (Ally's birthday).  We are getting to know the new area, new people and Rob is still looking for a job.  We are excited to see what God has in store for us here.  Thanks so much for all your prayers.  God is so good.

Thanks for stopping by - I am so glad you did.


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Jennifer Fink said...

So glad to hear that all is well! I love the way you documented the move with pics of each state sign along the way. ;)