Life at our House


We are living our first January here in the South.  I must express that it is the most unique January weather I have ever lived in; and I love it!   I missed the snow a little bit right around Christmas; but I soon got over it and have enjoyed being about to go outside to get the mail in a short sleeved shirt and with the sun shinning over head. 

We have started to settle into the routine of a New Year; although I must say it has been a bit of a bumpy start.  Seems we just can not get into a schedule of sorts.  Tonight that is going to change and the kids will be in bed when they are supposed to be in bed.  (Even though, they will not be happy about that arrangment!)

I am busy taking classes to work on my counseling certification. I made a trip here in January to Wisconsin for a weekend class that I needed.  It was the most interesting travel that I have ever experienced!  I was amazed to find that I was only 20 minutes late for the class and used several modes of transportation to get to the class.  (Planes, trains and a Truck!)  I learned a lot in my class and was so thankful for a friend who gave up her weekend to see to it that I made it to class on time.  Thanks, Dona!

I am continuing my classes on Tuesday evenings.  I am learning a lot and reading a lot.  Seems I am back in college with the required reading list that comes with my classes.  There is a difference between this reading and the required reading that I did in college over 20 years ago.  This time I am actually interested in the reading and want to learn!  My goal is to be more equipped with learning how to counsel so I can use it to help in the ministry that God has for us in the future.

Family life is going good.  Zak found his hearing aid that had been lost for several weeks.  (In a puzzle box).  He also showed great dislike for having to wear it again - which made me wonder if he really 'lost' it or if he conveniently put it in a box where I would not find it.  I will never know; but he is back to wearing a hearing aid.  Anna is doing good in preschool activities here at the house.  She keeps me busy and has decided that she absolutely cannot go to sleep without me reading her a bedtime story.  We are currently working through Winnie the Pooh.  (It does require work to answer through all of her questions and get a chapter done each night!) 

Home school is going good.  Abbey has a girl who comes over and tutors her in Biology.  This old Mom just could not get it in my head correctly and could not teach Abbey.  So far, the arrangement is working out nicely and Abbey seems to be learning Biology.  James is busy getting ready for a calf that is coming in February.  He will be doing a 4-H project with the calf and showing it at the State Fair here in September.  I am looking forward to it too.  I am hoping that we can get some chickens; but have been met by much resistance to the idea.  (Seems my husband does not want our homestead to turn into a farm).  I will keep working on him; and for the time being I will purchase my eggs from the lady down the road a piece.

Rachel and Rob work together at ChickFilA.  I am so glad that they are able to be together.  The hour a day drive allows them time to talk and to bond in ways that I know both of them will remember for years to come.   Rachel continues to work with her photography and writing.  I am just thankful that she is still at home and we are still blessed to have her sitting at our table every night.  I know that someday soon that will end and I will cherish the memory that we are building today.

Well, just wanted to give you an update on us here.  Hope that life is going well there for all of you - whereever you are.  Thanks so much for stopping in.  I am so glad you did!


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