The Decision

I was thrilled when I read in the news that North Dakota now has in place now the strongest protection for unborn babies.  All of our biological children were born in North Dakota; and this new law made the thankful to be able to tell people that we used to live there!  A state that chooses to value life at the highest level should be commended!

In the midst of my joy on this matter, t was presented to me that I should be more open minded about abortion.

That a woman under certain circumstances has a ‘right’ to choose her agenda over life.

The scenario was given of a woman who became pregnant because of rape or incest; and the conservative position was held in a light that would make one wonder if those who hold such a stance were guiltier than the pedophile or savage who violated the impregnated woman.

There was the description of a woman who finds that her life is in grave danger if she continues the pregnancy and then it was sighted that those who hold to the pro-life view are denying medical care to such a woman. 

It was made to look that the pro-life conservatives are standing in the ghetto holding the back door open and sending innocent mothers into the dark and evil alleys to be butchered by would be doctors whose heartbeat is to help these deprived woman get the care they desperately need in their situation.

It was emphatically stated that without question every mother has a right to choose what is best for her in these horrible situations.  Choose what is best for her – for her future – for her baby’s welfare.

Then it was tossed out into the field that conservatives just have not considered these situations; and in our ignorance we hold to our pro-life view.  I would beg to differ than I have thought of the abortion issue almost everyday for the past 10 years.  There is not a day I do not think about these situations and the theory of a "Mother's Right to Choose".   

In my mind, there are two considerations that have made me unequivocally pro-life in every case.

One is a brown eyed little girl who wakes us up in the morning dancing into our room to tell us that she wants to snuggle and wiggle and live out her day to the fullest.  She is convinced that she is her Daddy’s princess; and while she sees herself as a princess – we see her as a gift from God.  A miracle – you see one of the above scenarios fits her; but someone chose life and we are blessed every moment of every day with her choice. 

The other consideration is a little boy who has a smile that wraps around his entire face; and a giggle that is hearty enough to make even the most solemn of people smile.  Every day we get to watch him learn to read.  He rides his bike with zeal and speed and his love for life gives me a reason to get up in the morning.  His hugs are strong and his prayers at night are as heartfelt as you have ever heard. We know God has a plan for him and wonder how many people will be touched because someone who had justifiable reasons to end his beating heart but decided instead to choose life. 

I’m asked to be more open minded about these cases.  I invite those who think my view is uneducated and limited to take a day and see what I see.   Watch these two choices live their lives from morning to night.  Take the hour while they are having their quiet time in their beds and look through our photo albums.  Take close looks at the pictures.  Look at the glow of our faces on the day we went to court and a judge said yes to our petition to adopt.  Look at our smiles.  Take a close look at all or our family pictures.  The glow in our cheeks and the twinkle in our eyes are there largely in part because of those two ‘choices’.

Tell me again how I need to be more open minded; and I will try to hide the questioning look on my face that wonders how could you be so ignorant to think that two of the best things that every happened to our family should have been looked upon with such disdain because of the inconvenience that was caused because of a crisis situation.  

They are not choices. 

They have names:  The princess is Anna and the one you hear laughing is Zak.  They are our precious gifts from God and from two women who for a short time were inconvenienced by a pregnancy that caused them distress. 

Tell me again how I am supposed to think that they had a reason to choose their comforts for a time and deny them life. 

You may think that my position is narrow and judgmental; that does not bother me.  If you lived in my reality you would realize why I feel the way I do.  Open minded?  I am totally opened minded to the possibilities that God can bring from horrible situations.  God can make everything beautiful – I know – I live in that reality every day.  

 I applaud the Governor of North Dakota for the law he signed into being this past week.  Sir, thank you!  You make me wish I lived in North Dakota still!  If ever you need something to remind you what the law is all about - feel free to look at these pictures.  They are a good reminder to me that life should be valued under every situation.  Thank you, for valuing life!


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Becky K. said...

I love this! Thanks for putting your Faith into action in your day to day life with your precious children.