A Boy's Responsibility

The calf has become part of the family.  He was born on the week of Valentine's Day and has a white spot on his head shaped like a heart.  Those are the reasons he got his name - Romeo. 

James' mornings were already full before the new addition.  He works for a local farmer doing their morning chores.  When Romeo came to live here he had to get up earlier so he could get the calf's bottle in before he left to do the chickens.

The minute the lights come on in the kitchen in the morning Romeo starts talking to us and telling us he wants James.

The morning feeding.

I love how his tail wags when James is feeding him his bottle. 

During the days Romeo has gotten big enough and well enough to be able to feed out on the grass in the back yard.  It is kind of odd doing my work on my computer and feeling something watching me.  Romeo loves to watch us through the window as we do our school work and afternoon routines.

It has been a delight to see James work with this little calf and to watch the bond that has developed between the two.  I think every boy should have to raise something that is complelty dependent upon him in order to survive in the world.  What a responsobility - what a rewarding challenge this has been so far.

James' summer will be filled with getting this calf fattened up for the state fair this fall.  The local farmers tell us that the hardest two months are behind us.  For that we are thankful!

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