Unnoticed Blessings

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A simple gesture, really.  I pick up the red ones instead of the green.  She likes red better.  Purchase is made, bagged and taken home. 

Snack time has been declared and she asks what she may have.  I think… and remember the purchase.  I open the fridge and tell her that an apple will make a good snack for that day.  Then she sees it.  The red ones!

She jumps for joy and runs over to embrace my legs with a hug of gratitude.  I am amazed at the display before me.  Amazed and convicted.

The display of joy because I remembered amazes me.  Her display of affection and gratitude convict me.   He has done so much more for me and I fear I have not noticed. “His mercies are new every morning.”

The beautiful sunrise.   

The sunsets – even a gifted artist only feebly duplicates His work.

The clean water I drink.

His revelation given to me in complete form, available for me to read as much as is needed.

A machine to wash, another to dry.

A shower - always there to clean, disinfect and refresh.

Birds to awaken me with songs of rejoicing and playful fireflies to observe as I relax for the evening.

My children’s kisses goodnight.  Each one.  A gift to me from Him.

I forget the blessings.  My human heart so easily notices the bad and forgets the good. So much good!
Oh, how I long to be His little girl who jumps for joy at the smallest of His blessings to me. 

I wash the skin of the apple and take in more than the color or the zeal of her hug.  I whisper,   “Make me see them, Dear God.  All of your blessings to me”.  And as the skin is dried the apple cut I am amazed at the greatest blessing of all.  He knows me and continues to bless me – even when I don’t notice!  

Reveling in His blessings to me today,

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Jennifer Fink said...

Beautifully written, and a beautiful sentiment.