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Monday was Labor Day.  My thoughts were that the Littles did not know about Labor Day being a holiday yet; and so we should just do school anyway.  That was my plan.  It was vetoed by the Principle of the School (Dad), who said we needed to take the day off.

A couple in our church gave us a bed that they no longer were using.  So, I needed to get the bedroom in order to change our room from being a Queen Sized bedroom - to a King Sized bedroom.  That took some time and planning.  I also moved our old Queen Sized bed into the boys room for James to use.  (That took a lot more work; because their room is a BOY'S room - and well, you know what *that* means.)  After cleaning, and a small lecture on putting stuff away when you are done with it, I had two boys with sheepish looks on their face - but a clean bedroom.  Glory Be!

The bigger bed arrived and was assembled before the couple left.  (Thanks Peter and Debbie).  I can not believe how much bigger it looks than our old bed!  I am so overwhelmed with their gracious gift to us.  I had been praying for a bed because Rob's back has not done well on the one we had - so I know that God answered my prayers through this couple.  Thanks so much!!! 

I was able to enjoy dinner out with a girlfriend from church.  I had such a wonderful time just fellowshiping and visiting with her.  I need to do it more.  Seems like life gets so busy that we forget that we need those things too.  I felt "all grown up" driving in the car, without any kids heading to a night out with another lady.  It was wonderful to laugh and to talk and to get to know each other better.  I think that is the thing I hate about moving the most - is having to start at the beginning with someone.  To have to build friendships from the bottom up; yet it is a wonderful thing to in knowing that I have friends in so many places that I am able to have in my life that make my life richer even if we are miles away.  I had a wonderful time, Julie thanks for the fellowship!

This past weekend my husband was sick.  That meant I needed to take James to do his chores at the farm on Sunday.  I was shocked at how big Romeo has gotten!  It will not be too much longer and we will have to be taking him to county fair.  We all try very hard to not think about that too much!  James has done a great job in taking care of him.  I have been very proud of his dedication to him.  Romeo has been a pretty sick cow and required a lot more care than a calf normally takes in this project.  James has taken on more jobs to give him the money to be able to purchase the medications and shots that Romeo has needed.  I can not help to think this has been a life changing project for James in teaching him the hard knocks of life.

I came home to get school stuff ready for the new week for the Littles.  I fight the feeling that we are not doing enough; but just keep trying to remind myself to keep making small steps forward.  I tend to want to rush things.... it is one of my many faults.  School is going great.  Zak is making steps forward and that makes me very happy.  The new meds have brought about some side effects; but nothing major yet.  I keep watching and praying that we have a good transition to the new dosage. 

I will close with this picture.  I posed it on FB; but wanted it here to as a permanent picture on my blog.  Anna was outside playing and fell asleep.  I do not know how long she had been asleep before I found her; but she slept another half hour or so after I shot the picture through the front room window.  So precious.  The dog seems to be part of the family.  We have been blessed with a very very large and very very loving dog.  I am thankful for him!

Trust you have a wonderful day.  God is so good - all of the time!


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Rachel said...

Romeo is sooooo big... :) And I'm glad Dad vetoed the idea! :)