A Special Gift

I love having a fall birthday.  I love seeing the changing leaves and feeling the cooler temperatures.  School has just started for the new year and everything seems fresh and new.

I love having being  Mom and being given the gift of celebrating my birthday with my children.  They add an excitement to the day that I have not felt on my own for years.  When the children are young there are coloring pages that adorn my refrigerator door with their artwork and birthday wishes; when the children get older the gifts are less 'raw'; but just as heartfelt as when they were younger.

This year Abbey put her heart and soul into making my special day very special.  Since May she has been online planning and reserving places for the two of us to go to celebrate my birthday.  I can not believe how much work she put into all the planning that made the day so special.

The effort she put into our special day made it so much more special to me than it was.  The two of us were able to spend the entire day together and enjoy each others company.  She treated me like a queen and I felt so blessed.  She truly was thoughtful and kind in thinking of just what I would like and how she could give me a day to enjoy and look back on for years to come with fond memories.

Thanks, Abbey for making my birthday so special.  I love you with all of my heart, and will forever remember our day out together.

For pictures and full details of our day jump over to her blog:  http://abbeyslifeinablog.blogspot.com/

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