Together - Because of HIM

The first thought in my mind when the doctor said "cancer" was that we needed to get James home.

I had been thinking that I really needed my son home with us during this time.  I thought about it when I was cleaning the house, when I went to bed at night and when I got up in the morning.  "I want James to come home" was a thought that occupied a lot of my thinking.

But when I heard the word cancer - the thought changed to "We have to get James home!" 

When we got home from the doctor appointment we started looking up the cost of plane tickets to fly him home.  The price tag was amazing!  Several friends had called and offered to help with the ticket - or to even drive him down here themselves.  I was overwhelmed with the many offers the help us out with this; but I also could not justify someone having to pay *that* much money for a ticket. 

The other problem that we had was that the prices we were looking at were prices posted on online travel websites.  In other words, they were discounted rates.  When we looked at the fine print we saw that we could not purchase a ticket for a minor without also purchasing an adult ticket to go with it.  That left us with having to purchase the ticket directly through the airline.  I also knew that meant a higher price tag.

I started checking into ways to drive half way and get him; but I also knew that driving was not going to be easy.  We are tired - and have doctor's appointments that need to be made.  Putting and 18 hour road trip into the schedule - while possible - did not seem ideal.

While having my devotions on Thursday morning I poured out my heart to God and told Him the need.

I decided to call the airline directly and see what the ticket price would be - I KNEW it would be astronomical!  BUT GOD!!!!....

When I told the lady at Delta about the situation - that my son was in Wisconsin and that his Dad had just been diagnosed with cancer and would be having surgery in a couple weeks or so - she told me that he would qualify for a medical emergency discount flight.  (I still was sure it would not be what we could afford!)    I heard her hitting the keyboard and then she said, "I can get him home on Saturday afternoon.  Is that soon enough?"

I was thinking that it would be wonderful but would probably cost us 3 months worth of rent.  "I told her that date would work fine - then inquired to the price.  $166.00.

I sat there speechless  - then quickly said, "Ill take it!"

James is coming home*this* afternoon!  God is so good to us - DAILY HE LOADS US DOWN WITH MORE BLESSINGS THAN WE REALIZE.

Tonight we will eat dinner together as a family  - I am so thankful for a God who gives me everything I need! 


Prairie Dwellers At Heart said...

Praise the Lord! We serve an amazing God! Love & Prayers, The Mohs Family

Anonymous said...

Praise God for he is So good! My heart goes out to you all and we are praying that through this, God will provide you all the strength, healing, comfort and provide for all your needs as a family! I remember bro. Rob when I was just little, now all grown and married w/children. I cant imagine what you as a wife and mother must me going through. All I can say is having gone through some trials, its amazing the comfort given by our great and mighty Saviour when we pour out our burdens to Him. May He continue to give you all peace, comfort and rest. Love in Christ, Angie