Anna and Daddy - Summer 2013

The biopsy came back 'inconclusive' to know if the cancer has spread beyond the tumor.  The surgeon told us that there is going to be no way of knowing until she opens him up.  We have a surgery date scheduled for July 25.  She had wanted to get him in earlier for surgery; but all of her openings were at the end of her surgery days.  She told us that she did not want to put him at the end of her day; because she has no idea how long the operation will take.  If once she opens him up and sees or feels that the cancer has spread we could be talking a 4 hour or more surgery.  If it appears that the cancer has stayed put - she can be out of there in less than 2 hours.

We called the first surgeon we saw and asked if she would be willing to do the operation here if she could get him in earlier.  She said after reviewing the case again she feels that we need the team of doctors working on his care there in Charlotte.  She said if Rob was her Dad she would have him seeing the doctor that he is seeing right now and is scheduled to have surgery with on the twenty-fifth.

So, we will wait this out through the next 23 days.  At first, I was frustrated in my spirit that we had to wait that long; but as I sat and prayed about it the Lord showed me that we are taking steps naturally to help build his body and fight the cancer.  Could it be that God gave us this later date to allow us more time to build his body to what it needs to be to handle the surgery?  I don't know; but I know that nothing is out of His control - including surgery dates.  I told the Lord how frustrated I was and that I wanted to trust Him with the details of all of this.  He brought a calmness to my heart and it was almost like I could hear Him whisper, "Be still and know that I am God."  I had to make the choice to trust and to rest.

Last night at church we prayed together as a church family.  Pastor prayed and asked God to protect Rob's body from any more damage from the cancer while we wait for the surgery.  Immediately there was a peace in my heart that I can trust my husbands health to the hands of the Great Physician.  Ultimately, he is under HIS care more than he is under the care of his Endocrine Surgeon!  I thanked God for the peace He immediately brought to my heart. Again I am reminded of the goodness of God.  He is so good to me. 

Thanks so much for your prayers during this time.  We feel God sustaining us and holding us up through your prayers.




I continue to pray for you all. Sending our love. Jim and Connie McEntire

Loretta said...

Actually, his surgery will be roughly one month from his diagnosis, if I'm remembering right, and although in our emotions it feels like a long time because we just want the cancer gone, it actually is a very quick leap from dIagnosis to surgery. Think of all that's taken place in such a short time, all you've learned, all the tests, all the discussions, all the prayers. I'm sure it's been a whirlwind! My husband didn't have his surgery for 3 months because we took the time to learn all we could and then we had to wait for the right surgeon to put him on the schedule. I very much feel your pain in this waiting! My husband is now cancer-free and I pray yours is soon also. The waiting is okay if it's by the Lord's hand, as it was in our case and it seems in yours as well. We're so thankful for specialists, but the Great Physician is, of course, the most crucial part of the journey. It seems you're right on course. :-)