Month in Review - Jan and Feb

I cannot believe that we are almost done with the month of February!  At the end of December I had plans of a regularly writing schedule for my blog and was looking forward to writing more.  Then the family got the flu - one at at a time - and then I blinked and realized we are almost done with the second month of the year and I have not posted yet. 

My plan is to post a month in review at the close of each month.   So here is the month in review from January - and February to get the new year going with the scheduled blogging plan.

In December we celebrated Anna's birthday. Hard to believe she is getting so old.  Daily I thank God for bringing her into our family.  I cannot imagine our lives without her.  The sound of her voice is a constant (and I mean this literally and figuratively) reminder of God's gift to us.

In January James got the call that there was a calf for him.  This is his 4-H project for this year.  The calf has been relatively healthy and we have enjoyed having a new animal to take care of.  Zak found it exciting to be able to feed the calf his bottle on a week day when James was gone.  On a funny note, anyone who knows me knows how terrified I am of chickens or anything with wings.  This was one of the reasons I wanted to get chickens - to have to conquer this fear that has been in my heart for years.  Well, on the afternoon Zak had to go feed the calf - I went with him.  I would have you to know, that I was in the barn with the calf, there were chickens walking around all over the place and a peacock strutted her stuff right next to me.  It did not bother me at all.  This is truly miraculous and I left that afternoon feeling like a mission had been accomplished.  While the fear of birds is not GONE - it has diminished.  :)

Rachel and Rob took a trip to South Carolina and visited Bob Jones University.  Rachel believes that God wants her to work in the medical field as a doctor.  She was able to tour the facilities there and meet with advisers to discuss their pre-med program.  She found out the day following their visit that she had been accepted into the program and will start there in fall.  She is busy brushing up on some science classes that she had in high school that she wanted to get a little bit more familiar with before she starts.  

She also was given the opportunity to help during the birth of 11 puppies.  She enjoyed it very much.  There are nine pups remaining and thriving.  She has learned a lot through the process and is planning on selling the pups and putting the money towards college.  Watching her with the little dogs is like watching a Mom with a new born baby.  She is going to have a rough time when they all leave! 

Rob's uncle passes away suddenly this past month.  Rob and I headed to Missouri for the funeral.  I have decided I have attended as many funerals as I care to attend in my life time.  As I sat and looked at the gray casket holding Uncle Davey's body - I told the Lord how much I am looking forward to the day when we will no longer experience death and separation from those we love.  Rob's uncle knew the Lord and we know we will see him again.  What a blessing it is to know and have hope!  It was a blessing to see family while we were there.

We just finished up with special meetings at our church this past week.  What a blessing the messages were to my heart.  I have found myself having so much to meditate upon today as I reviewed over in my head the truths I heard this week.   I hope to blog more next week on some of the truths that God has challenged me with this past week.  So thankful for grace!  

We are in the middle of a cold stretch here in the south.  The houses here are not insulated the way the houses up north are.  I was thankful for the snow - as I love snow - but I must say I really do enjoy living in a climate that is considerably warmer than anywhere else we have lived our entire married lives! 

I hope you are doing well..  Thanks for stopping in and reading my blog.  I am so glad you did.  Lord willing, and the creek don't rise, I will be posting more regularly!  Thanks for stopping by.


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