Berry Picking

Today I took two of the kids and we went berry picking. I love to pick berries and for the most part the kids enjoyed it also. We picked and picked together. I always have a hard time when I go berry picking for my allergies kick in so badly. By the end of our time in the field my eyes were swollen, blood shot, and watering to beat the band!

All and all we picked over 30 pounds of berries. We enjoyed eating some all the way home. Thus far, I have successfully got them washed and hulled. I am thinking that I will make some jam; but I am really thinking that I am just going to freeze most of them, since my family is not a big jam eating family. I think no matter what I do I will have plenty of berries for a while. It feels like summer is officially here now that I have my berried done!

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Tanya said...

Berry picking is such an enjoyable time here too. I hope to go next week. :) I usually turn the berries into jam and freeze some too.

Thanks for stopping by at my blog. You have a lovely blog. I hope to be back. :)