My Favorite Things

I thought I would take a few minutes and tell a little bit about me.

What I like:

The sound of water in nature. I think the most beautiful sound that we hear when we are outdoors enjoying nature is the sound of running water. I think I could sit by the bank of a rushing stream all day long. If I could, I would close my eyes, let the sun beat down upon my face and enjoy the sound of the water running over the rocks as it too is warmed by the sun.

I love the sound of a new born baby's cry. The first time I heard the each one of my new babies cry my heart was filled to over flowing. I also love the little grunts a new born baby makes. I love babies. I love watching children learn.

Favorite things to do:

I love to go on dates with my husband.

I love to listen to music.

I love to hang clothes on the line and smell the freshness of each piece as I place it onto the line

with clothes pins. I think I could hang clothes on a line all day long. (It is by far, my favorite

homemaking chore.)

I love to organize things - charts and schedules make me a happy person.

I love to dream about the future.

I love to laugh with friends.

I love to make new friends.

I love to help people.

I love spending time with elderly people. This is one of my favorite past times. I love sitting

and chatting with old people about anything and everything that they like to talk about.

I love antique shopping.

I love playing the piano.

I love watching my daughter play her violin.

I love watching my other daughter make her favorite basketball dunk shot.

I love watching my son explain to me about his latest Lego artwork. I am mesmerized by his

attention to detail.

I love watching my youngest son play cars; knowing that it is only by a miracle of God that He

is with us today.

I love watching my husband preach.

I love watching my husband study for his message to preach.

I love listening to my children sing.

I love watching my husband sing in church.

I love watching people and wondering what "their story" is - because everyone has a story.

I love talking to my sister on the phone.

I love living the life God has given me and wondering what our future with hold.

This is just a little glimpse of me - but these are the things I love. My God, My life My family and all the things in between.

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