Wrapping up the week

"In all labour there is profit..." the Proverb says. I love that verse. Sometimes as a Mom the jobs that we do we complete only to do them again next week - or often times the next day! Yet, even in the repetitious jobs of motherhood and homemaking - there is profit! What a profitable week we have had.

Thursday I was able to make up 2 loaves of bread. Now, this is not just any bread but a succulent herb bread that is to die for! If I made this bread all the time I would be a life time member of Weight Watchers and not on their maintenance program either. I would be a full fledged - paying member of WW for the rest of my life! Oh how we have enjoyed this bread. It made yummy sandwiches that even wooed my husband home from the office on a day that he said he would not be able to find time to come home for lunch!

Friday is always a busy day with lots of chores around the house to do. My oldest son mowed the grass for his chore that day. He does a wonderful job with the lawn and I love to sit on the porch when he is done and look at his handiwork. What a hard worker he is!

My oldest daughter decided to try her hand at woodworking. Literally - she tried her hand - actually it was her thumb. After much blood and even more screaming - we were able to get it bandaged up and avoid an emergency room visit on Friday afternoon. I am thinking it was mostly avoided because Daddy was home to help. I do OK with blood - but tend to jump the gun a little when it comes to bleeding extremities. (And as a mom - I have had my full share of bleeding extremities - you can ask the kids and the ER doctors! :)

This morning has been wonderful. I made a trip to downtown and went to the Farmer's market. I came home with some nice produce. I am looking forward to making the corn on the cob this evening when we grill some steaks out on the grill. My family has begged me to make my potato salad - so I will start the potatoes here soon. (They absolutely LOVE my potato salad and wish we lived in a small town like Mayberry where I could enter it at the county fair:) The way they rant and rave over it - makes me so happy that when they begin their pleadings I just cave in and tell them that I will make it for them. So we will have a wonderful night together as a family. Enjoying each other's company and thanking God as we tuck each of our blessings into bed for yet another day. We will go to bed early tonight to be able to get a good rest and wake up ready for a great day at church in the morning.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. May God bless - and good night!


Shelli Hawkins said...

Great blog Marty!
Now, I need your recipe for potato salad and your herb bread!!

Shelli Hawkins said...

Great blog Marty! Now, I need your recipe for herb bread and potato salad!

Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

I would love your recipe for the herb bread. My e-mail is Anne@sweetlyscentedsuccess.com
(I stumbled across your blog while I was on Anna Beers blog. I do not think we know each other, but I would love the recipe!)