A Wonderful Week

I am having a wonderful week. God is always good; but when you see His hand at work in your life - you get to "taste and see" of His goodness. This week - I have tasted some wonderful things with the Lord.

I was able to have a wonderful chat with my husband and oldest daughter. One of those chats that makes you go to bed happy; and also very aware that your oldest is growing up. We were able to sit up late after the younger ones went to bed and talk heart to heart about life. It was wonderful to listen, and to talk about what God is doing in our lives and in our hearts. I will treasure that time together for a long while

I was able also to go to the thrift store this week. Some of the children were in need of some clothing. I found several pieces that were needed. It was like God had put them there just for me! My youngest had outgrown his church shirts and dress pants. He now has two pairs of dress pants and collared shirts to go with each. My oldest son was also out of dress pants. He will be fully ready for Sunday when it arrives! My girls each were blessed by a couple of new skirts and a jumper. All of this for $10.00! Thank you God! "Every good gift..."

I was able to sit outside and watch the children play in the sprinkler. What joy it was to watch them laugh and giggle and just have good summer fun. I love summer time. I love to hear the birds awaken me each morning with there songs to the new day. I love to watch the beautiful colors of life spring forth and great me. I love summer!

I also have been blessed to be able to hang the clothes out on the line every day this week! My favorite homemaking task to do in the summer is to to hang clothes. I think I could hang clothes out on the line all day long! I love the smell of the fresh clothes as I snap them once and then hang them onto the line. I love to sit and watch as the wind pulls and pushes them drying them to perfection! It always makes me smile when I am able to hang the clothes!

I was also blessed to attend church for the midweek service. God spoke to my heart. What a blessing to know He is working on me. SO many rough edges to clean up - such a long way to go!! To hear how Paul was content no matter what - because His focus was on Christ. This truth prompted my heart to keep my focus on my Saviour. So easily my heart and eyes get drawn away! I was also encouraged to see how the Philippian church cared for his needs and ministered to him. God prompted me to be looking around for those in need and minister to them in their affliction.

I am having a wonderful week. I was able to finally get my pictures hung in my room. It feels finally done! I also feels like a Bed and Breakfast! I love my room - and all the hard work that my husband put into it to have it nice - even if it did take a little longer than planned! :)

Hope you too are having a good week. I will finish my week trying to keep my heart and mind focused on Christ. He is my Help. He is my Provider! I am thankful to Him - for my wonderful week!

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Daughter of the King said...

Getting to know you via your archives...and I too love thrift shop bargains..the skirt I wore on Sunday to church cost me all of .99 and I LOVE it...