Zak - Update

Thought I would post about Zak. He had a very hard week last week. The doctors ordered an MRI. Because of is age, they had to put him under anesthetic. He does not do well waking up from anesthetic. The test went well; but the wake up time was difficult. Daddy was there with him for the whole ordeal. It took the next couple of days to get our Zak back and in good spirits.

We are thankful that all of the tests results that have come back have come back normal. Praise the Lord! However, this leaves us still not knowing what is wrong or what went wrong in his brain. They have scheduled us to see his neurologist the middle of this month. We are thankful for this course of action - as his neurologist is a born again Christian. This is so comforting to know that the doctor who is making decisions about our son's brain is a man who knows God. This brings us more peace than the many degrees on his wall! We are so thankful to the Lord for the doctors he has brought us to through the years with Zak. We have wonderful doctors!!

So, for now, we are just waiting and praying. Thanks for your prayers on Zak's behalf. We are seeing some improvement - although, we do not want to get our hopes up too high just yet! We know the Great Physician, and we know that He knows exactly what is wrong. We also know He has the power to heal exactly what is wrong if He so chooses. So we rest in His care and trust in His will for our lives and this situation. We will keep you posted. Thanks again for all the prayers.

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