Birthday Blessings Part I

Today is my birthday. For the record - I am 25; but legally - I am 36. :) Last night as I went to bed - my mind started to think of all the blessings of my life. So many! Daily loaded upon my by my Father above. For the next few days I will post some blessings of my life - in celebration of my birthday. Since it is my 36th birthday - I will post 36 blessings in my life.

LIFE BLESSINGS - I am blessed with...
1. A God who loves me just as I am; but too much to let me stay that way.
2. A guide book for my life - the Bible
3. A husband who loves me, cares for me, and protects me. He is my knight in shinning armor.

4. A right hand assistant- Rachel - I would be lost without her!

5. Abbey - whose zeal for life amazes me - I find myself trying to reach her level of enthusiasm for life!

6. Allyssa - waiting in Heaven - I have learned that sorrow in life only makes the good times sweeter - how I miss her!

7. James - whose tender heart inspires me to care just a little bit more for others.

8. Zak - who made my dreams of adoption come true - I am so glad God brought him into our family!

9. A Mom who has and always will, view life as a blessing not a choice - (thanks for making this day possible!) :)
10. A Dad who loved me enough to work hard to provide for me - his sacrifices throughout my childhood were more than I would ever be able to repay.

To Be Continued...

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