Scrubbing Bubbles

Life with kids is NEVER boring! Yesterday was no exception. I had errands to run with my husband and went in to brush my teeth before we left. As I brushed - the toothpaste began to "grow". The more I brushed - the more suds were produced from my mouth. I began to taste this growing foam - and realized that it was not the same taste I was accustomed to normally as I brushed. I knew the taste was familiar with a smell I was used to - but could not get my brain to put the two and two together.

The foam grew - and grew - and I brushed and brushed. Had the foam been associated with cleaning supplies I had sprayed on my shower - "for a shower that cleans itself - so you don't have too..." - well - I would have been very impressed -- there were a lot of bubbles! On the other hand, if the "stuff" coming out of my mouth was coming out of the mouth of a stray dog - hiking up the driveway towards my children -I would have made my children run in quickly assured that the approaching mammal had a very bad case of rabies. My next course of action was to spit the growing foam out of my mouth and try to figure out what got on my toothbrush.

I am not an award winning investigator but immediately I was sure I would know who to start questioning about the foaming toothbrush. There were 4 of them and they were all sitting just inside the other room! I rinsed the "stuff" out of my mouth the best that I could (the taste never really went away - and my mouth had a distinct numbness to it - but my throat actually felt a burning sensation - go figure) - and then headed out to start my interrogation.

(Let me stop here and let you know that this past weekend my husband and I attended a parenting conference. I am sure that start and the outcome of this interrogation of my children would have been much different had our weekend been filled with other activities.)

I exited the bathroom and asked very sweetly (only because of the recent classes), "Does anyone know how soap got on my toothbrush?"

I was prepared for the usual answer - nothing - but a bunch of heads shaking back and forth - and blank stares looking at me. However, this time it was totally different - my youngest son said as innocently and as politely - "I put soap on it..." (Now he has autism and the fact that he actually understood my question was shocking - much wise that he remembered what he had done in the bathroom!)

The conversation that followed went something like this:
- Mom (with numb mouth and burning throat) - "You put soap on my toothbrush?"
- Zak - (Shakes his head rapidly back and forth)
- Mom (wondering in her mind just how much this child understands on a normal basis - but acts like he just does not get it) - "When did you put soap on my toothbrush?"
- Zak: "It was dark out ( pointing to the window) ... "you sleep ... Dad sleep ... soap in cup... brush the sink..." (NOTE: All of this is being said while he is showing me with animated actions how and what he did while it was dark and while I was sleeping next to Dad)

The rest is history; although I will assure you that I handled myself and the situation in a way that made even God happy - I did not get upset - just smiled and said to my husband "While we are out - I think I will pick up another toothbrush..."

I will conclude this story with these thoughts:

* Never leave your toothbrush sitting on the sink before you go to bed - there is no telling what could happen to it while you are asleep.

*Never underestimate how much kids (even ones with special need) - "GET"

* If you have a cold sore in your mouth and you are out of Anbsol - you could try hand soap - (this particular brand was "Bath and Body Works - Brown Sugar and Fig") I think it might help the pain in your mouth until you are able to obtain some antiseptic.

*The taste of soap stays with you all day if you brush your teeth with it - not sure what it does to your breath - but longer lasting taste may indicate better breath longer?.... who knows?

Have a great night... I am heading to bed - who knows what could happen tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

I need to go to that parenting conference! :)

Loved the story! I can totally see Zac's innocent/excited face, as he confesses (step by step) how he contaminated your toothbrush! He was probably even proud of himself for cleaning the sink for you!! :)

I miss you guys soooo much!!

--Melissa Slayton

H. Martin Calle said...

Pretty funny. I can relate too! Try OraQuel on that brush instead.
Keep on postin'