Birthday Blessings Part II

Life Blessings - I am blessed with...
11. A sister - with whom I have found a kindred spirit and the joy of sharing our hearts one with another.
12. A brother - who has far surpassed me in height as well as expectations!
13. Living in a free country where I can worship God as I choose - and share my faith with others with whom I come in contact.
14. The gift of friends - who challenge me when I am down - and make my life a lot brighter

15. A wonderful house - that God has allowed me to pour my heart and soul into - I love my house! (We are currently repainting the whole exterior of the house - stay tuned for before and after pics)
16. Parents who sacrificed to give me piano lessons; allowing me to invest in a "life time of enjoyment".
17. The gift of sight - what an artistic God I have - the beauty of nature points majestically to Him.
18. The gift of hearing - listening to my kids laugh, birds sing, water rushing down a riverbed and beautiful music - are some of my favorite sounds.
19. The gift of touch - I love giving hugs - to my kids, my husband and to friends. I can not imagine a world without the ability to feel.
20. The gift of food - ( I have tasted well and abundantly with this one) - I love food! - enough said.

To Be Continued....


sagerats said...

That was neat! You are very blessed. I have only one sibling and we do not get along. Loving family as I do, that is one blessing I wish I could have.

Abiding in the Vine!

Daughter of the King said...

loving get to know you through your blog..abd it does bring back some living in the midewest memories(Michigan)...