Birthday Blessing Part III

Life Blessings - I am blessed with...

21. A sewing machine - to be able to sew modest clothes for my girls - when yard sales, thrift stores or hand me downs are at a shortage. (which - Praise the Lord is next to never)

22. The ability to read.

23. The joy and memories of giving birth - what a truly miraculous blessing!!

24. The joy of having my children with me all day to learn at home and bless me with their presence.

25. The joy of waiting and dreaming - currently we are awaiting news of our next adoption - my heart begs God to make it soon - and waits for the joy of the day when we get the call!

26. The opportunity to serve with my husband side by side in full time ministry for the Lord.
27. The heritage of grandparents who endured great hardships - but came through it all the
better to inspire me with their stories and character gained through hard times.

28. The memories of going to visit a foreign mission field. How eye opening and beautiful the trip was!
29. The modern conveniences of today - washing machines, electric stoves, and central air top my list of blessed modern day convenience!
30. Seeing God answer prayers. How comforting to know He listens - how breathtaking to know He cares.

To Be Continued...


Mimi said...

You are indeed blessed and you are making the rest of us feel more blessed by sharing with us !!

Mimi said...

I forgot to ask... you mentioned serving with your husband in full time Christian work... is your husband a pastor?

Jane said...

Hi Mimi,

Thanks so much for stopping by! Yes, my husband is a pastor. He was a youth pastor for 14 years and now is currently the senior pastor of our church. God is so good!

Thanks for your sweet comments - have a wonderful week.