Happenings at Home

It is Sunday - and the start of a brand new week. How quickly the weeks pass! Our week last week was filled with much - such a blessing to be in a family where there is a lot to do and a lot to love.

My Mother in Law came down this last weekend to watch the children while my dear husband and I went to a parenting conference. Such a blessing both were to us! It was a joy to know that my children were being cared for in their very own home and able to go about their normal day as we were gone! It also was a blessing to be able to sit at a conference and listen and be reminded of Biblical parenting principles. We came home with a lot of information!

I also came home feeling a bit under the weather. I spent the entire evening in bed and have continued that throughout the day today. So different it is to not attend church with the family. Zak also is sick so my girls have taken turns to stay home and care for him. I am blessed!

I enjoyed the most wonderful omelet this afternoon made for me by my husband. He make the best omelets. I love them.

I am heading back to bed now; but thought I would leave you with a few pictures of our week.

The kids are spending their spare time painting the house. The garage should be done sometime this week. :Zak's before bedtime story - complements of Abbey.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful week.

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