Never Forget!

Today I remember ...

...exactly what I was doing that morning six years ago.

...the sadness I felt as I watched the news not just that morning; but all day long.

...holding my children close - and thanking God they were still with me.

...praying for those whose loved ones fate was unknown.

...praying for my country - more than I had ever done in my lifetime before that day. much patriotic spirit filled my heart. the word "freedom" seemed much more defined and much more precious.

Today I say "Thank You..." the firefighters and paramedics who gave their lives doing their duty. the soldiers who signed their names on the line - surrendering their present life to serve in the defence of our country. the President of the United States - who did his best to console a grieving nation the brave citizens whose stories were told after the fact - that inspired me due to their bravery, selfless sacrifice, an heroic acts the doctor's and nurses who stood ready to help the hurting - all night long the volunteers who went down to care for the needs of the rescue workers

I will never forget -

"God Bless America - Land that I love!"

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