Fall Happenings at our House

My husband's favorite days are rainy - cloudy overcast days. I myself love sunshine and bright days. I do not like it especially hot - just bright and sunny! Well - today it was my husbands type of day. The rain came down and the clouds hovered ever near throughout the day. I was planning on taking pictures of my fall decorations outside - but you need the sun for those pics. I thought I would share with you some thrift store deals I ran across this past weekend.

I was able to find a big turkey tray - the kind you use to bring the big turkey to the table while everyone is oohing and ahing about how wonderful it looks. The tray that you always had when you were a child - the one that your mother used every Thanksgiving. It is the very same tray that you find you need on Thanksgiving morning after you are married and beginning your new life as a homemaker. Well - I have had 17 Thanksgivings like that. This year I am going to be prepared! I found a tray at the thrift store and thought I might as well purchase it! I am ready for Thanksgiving.
I also came across a set of dishes. Now, if you ask if I needed another set of dishes- I will act like I did not hear your question; :) because I do not necessarily need anther set of dinner plates - but I did find these to be cute - matched my kitchen and there were 6 of them all together - which you do not usually find in the thrift store. They also were clearance priced at $ .49 a plate. So.... (hopefully you find it as good of a deal as I did :)
I also ran across a set of clear salad plates on the same clearance rack. They also were priced at $ .49 a piece. I thought they were adorable and loved them the most of all of my finds. Clear plates are so versatile. You can use them for any season and they can accompany any other dish set that you have.
My mother in law was with me on my outing and bought me a ceramic watering can that I liked. I think I will put a flower arrangement in it for the spring. It will look cute in my entry way by the side door.

The projects on the house continued throughout the weekend. There is still more house to be painted! The kids, Dad and Grandpa worked at it all this weekend. They made quite a team!

I was most ecstatic about this new addition:

Steps to my side door. I have been without these steps for 2 years. I have wanted so to have our guests use this door for the main entrance. Instead they have had to use the back door that enters first into the mudroom and then the kitchen. Well, this weekend my father in law made extra brownie points with me by getting my steps up! I was so excited about it. I walked up and down them several times is shear delight of the new gift! Zak thought I was funny and ran up and down them too. Now I will get my side entrance all ready for our guests to enter into a warm and cozy family room. I will try out my new enterance this week - as we are privileged to have missionaries from Mexico coming for dinner.

I trust you had a great Monday. I really love Monday's for they seem to help get everything on track for the rest of the week. Our weeks lying ahead of us are quite busy as we have our missions month in October. I will be preparing meals for missionaries all over the world - - right in the comfort of my own kitchen throughout the month. It will by a busy and tiring month - but one I would not trade for the world!
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Susan said...

Loved all your finds at the thrift store! I love dishes too, and 49 cents a plate would have convinced me, even if I don't need them!

Jessica said...

I love thrift stores!! And what wonderful things you were able to find. They are all lovely!

Your house looks wonderful as well, I LOVE those new steps. I can imagine that they will come in handy!! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. And for the nice comment! I enjoyed reading your blog. I'm going to add you to my links, so that I can come back often!

Becky K. said...

Ohhh...beautiful or just plain pretty plates are so hard to pass up. Enjoy them!
Becky K.