Family Fun Day!

Our day was spent as a family in the country. I spent a lot of my time flashing pictures at on old camp ground - where the cabins are rustic and the views of nature in it's fall splendor surround you.

I thought I would post of few of the pictures of my day in the country. We had a laid back day with friends and food at the camp ground. Coffee was made in the "big" pots early in the morning when the sports equipment and campgrounds were being prepared for the day. The slam of the old screen door could be heard as refills were made throughout the morning.

The old bell rang to announce that lunch was ready and children and parents came to enjoy food and fellowship around the lunch tables. We enjoyed cold cut sandwiches with chips and lemonade. The afternoon was filled with games enjoyed by all - those playing and those watching. Sack races, egg races, and flag football filled the afternoon. Any church flag football game is interesting to watch - where the young boys try to play like the big men; and the big men forget that they are not young boys! Praise the Lord, no one was permanently injured - (although there was a lot of limping going on at the close of the evening.) I am sure church will be interesting as these men are reminded of their age as they hobble through their ministries tomorrow morning!

After the football game came to a close we made preparations for the supper hour. Chili had been made and brought by each family. It did not come alone either! There was a whole table filled with "fixens" and desserts to please even the hungriest of men! There is something about a nice hot bowl of chili on a beautiful fall day like today!

We closed off the day with singing hymns and giving testimonies about the greatness and power of God. How wonderful to sit under the awning singing and watching as the birds hovered in the tress above gathering their supper for the evening.

I finished the day by purchasing some fall decorations at a nearby pumpkin trailer. It was a typical country pumpkin stand - with the prices clearly marked and a jar sitting close for honest customers to use during their checkout. (I will have to post pics of the decorations around my yard next week!)

I trust you had a wonderful weekend and a blessed "Lord's Day" tomorrow. What a wonderful God we serve!
Thanks for stopping by!


Mimi said...

looks and sounds like you had a great day of fun and fellowship... it is so nice to be able to enjoy Gods beautiful earth with your church family, and friends !!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

What a fun place......what a fun day! You are truly blessed!

:0) Sharon

Jessica said...

Wow, sounds like yall had a fun day! I especially like the part about Flag Football! Isn't it funny how boys want to act like men, and men want to ack like boys!! LOL!! :)