Time Together - as a Family

It seems fall is always the busiest times of the year. I thought when my husband took the senior pastorate that fall would not be so crazy. I always thought that the reason this time of year was so hectic was because my husband was a youth pastor -- but that has proven not to be the case. This year has not been an exception! We have been able to do so many things as a family though. We have had a lot of memorable outings here in the last month that I am sure we will remember for years to come!

It seems each fall, there are several conferences that get booked into our calendar. We were recently at one of these conferences, and while waiting for a session to begin I began taking pictures of the family. I thought I would share the progression of the kids' photos - as they made me laugh and showed how much fun we really were having! (Amazing all the things that kids can do in just a few seconds!) --- Oh, and if you wonder where our little Zak has disappeared to - - he skipped out on this particular conference and stayed with his Nana and Papa for the week. (I am thinking that he had a lot more fun there - than he would have had sitting in meetings. It was nice not to have a little one to look after during the conference; but I really missed him!

I loved this picture of my Hubie! - - He was getting a kick out of the kids and their little act of picture posing. I flashed a quick one without him knowing! (I am absolutely in love with this man; and so thankful that God has given me a wonderful husband!!)

Well, after I got the picture of Dad, the kids thought it was not fair if I did not have my picture taken too!! I tried to talk them out of it; but I was out numbered.

We have had some wonderful meetings. I am so thankful that I have a family with whom I can share special times! God has been working so greatly on my heart to be the mom and wife that I need to be! Such a priceless gift that my Father has given me - my family. I am blessed beyond what words can say! The prayer of my heart is that I am a picture of Christ to my family first; and then to others with whom God allows me to meet.

We are all home now - - unpacked and back in the swing of the school schedule. Zak was retrieved from Nana's and has us laughing and running all the time! It is good to be back together as a family again - in our old farm house - that continues to be painted - - when the rain stays away - and the temperatures stay warm - and our conferences have all come to a close. Ah, Home Sweet Home!!

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Mimi said...

love the pictures of your sweet family... they look like they are a real joy to be around... also loved your fall decorations...