Tomato Sauce - Pumpkin Pies - It must be Fall!!!

I love how God supplies for us! I had a recipe for spaghetti sauce that I really wanted to try; but we did not have a garden this year - and the recipe called for 36 tomatoes. Well, if I purchased 36 tomatoes at the store I would have homemade sauce that was more expensive than ANY of the other sauces lining the shelves of our local supermarket! I noticed that our neighbors had a lot of tomatoes that were quite red sitting on the vines for quite a while. It seemed that they were not making haste to get those tomatoes picked.

Our neighbor's garden is in perfect view from my kitchen window. One night last week as I washed the evening dishes I just kept looking at all the red tomatoes on the vines. I prayed and told the Lord that it would be wonderful to have some tomatoes for this sauce; but I did not want to go over and greedily ask for them. I asked God to allow me to be able to know if they were going to use them. Well, the very next afternoon our neighbor was out getting some of his garden tore out and preparing the ground for winter. He then told me on his own that they had so many tomatoes that they did not know what to do with them all. He asked me if I would like some. I told him about the desired sauce making - explaining that it DID call for 36 big red tomatoes. He begged me to come and pick ALL the tomatoes I wanted. So - that afternoon - I went to town making sauce. It was a big job; but oh so rewarding as I cleaned up and heard the tops of the jars popping to make it known they were sealed until needed at a later date.

After tiding up my kitchen from my Italian sauce making adventure - I made up a couple of pumpkin pies - - one for my family and one for the neighbors next door. I am thankful to have neighbors that share and are neighborly; but I know ultimately that my Heavenly Father gave me those ripe tomatoes! He knows the secret desires of my heart - He dotingly cares for me and blesses me - so much more than I deserve. How in awe I am of His love for me - not only meeting the bare necessities of my life - but abundantly caring for me - so that I "have need of nothing."

I trust you are having a beautiful week. Thanks so much for stopping by.

God Bless,


Becky K. said...

Isn't God good? It is so nice to recognize that the good and perfect gifts are from HIS hand.

I'll bet it smelled really good at your house! Takes me back to those days growing up when the hot, hot kitchen smelled so good of tomatoes in process.
Becky K.

Elise said...

Oh, I just love this post. What a sweet picture of a loving God! And the sauce looks divine! Your neighbors are blessed as well to have you next door - you can cook, my friend! :)

Daughter of the King said...


Anastasia-Jane said...

I just about cried reading this post. Isn't God wonderful and that he takes the times to care about our smallest worries and cares.