Kitchen Organization - Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Tammy over at hosts Kitchen Tip Tuesday each week. I have decided to join in the fun - and post a tip for the day. Jump on over and see the other tips. You also will enjoy the many wonderful recipes Tammy has to offer. She is my number one favorite cooking site! Enjoy.

This is my first time to post on Kitchen Tip Tuesday; but I have been reading and enjoying the other tips here for awhile - so I thought I would give it a try. Not sure how great of a cook I am - to have a tip for every week - - but I will try my best!
This Tuesday, I thought I would share with you my tip on Kitchen Organization. When we moved into our farm house here 5 years ago - I made sure I organized my dry goods cabinet. I am so glad that I did. It makes homemade - from scratch - baking a breeze! Here is one tip I learned from Tupperware - way back when I was a consultant - Use the rectangle boxes for food storage and organization. They take up much less room than round or square containers. (I did not use Tupperware for my cabnent here though - just too expensive for me. I just used regular Rubbermaid containers that I got at Walmart.) I then place my flour, sugar, powdered milk etc, into their own containers and label them - stack away and I am done! I have never regretted the extra work it took me to get my shelves organized! I think I have saved time in the long run by not having to search everywhere for all my ingredients. They are all there - right in the same spot.

I also have all my oils and spices next to that dry goods cabinet. Then all my mixing bowls are in the cabinet below - and all my mixing spoons are right there on the counter by the dry goods cabinets. This saves me time and energy having everything right there where I do not even need to take a step to retrieve something for my recipe. I love it.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful week in the kitchen.


Momala said...

What a great post. I wish my baking supplies were that organized!

Bren said...

What a great baking center!!

Susan said...

I love to be organized . . . or I should say I would love TO BE organized! Your cabinets look great.

Tammy L said...

Thanks for participating! :D Everything looks so organized!! :) I agree about square vs. round containers... :)

Anonymous said...


Now THAT is an organized cabinet!

Thanks so much for sharing. I just love to see how others organize their kitchens. This is especially helpful to me because: 1) I am learning to cook from scratch and getting more efficient every day!
2) I just asked for ROUND Tupperware containers for Christmas for my dry goods! I'll have to edit that request!

Thanks again. I am here from Tammy's...


Elise said...

I am envious of your pantry! I love the idea of putting dry goods into rubbermaids. I am definitely going to do that after we get a home - hopefully, with a pantry!

Daughter of the King said...

great looks and tips...I just noticed yesterday I have some tidying to do in my spice cupboard...I just love when I open a cupboard and everything is in whole mood is changed....
this is inspiring to me
who sure needs all the tips she can get...and is continually working in this area of my life.