Winter is Coming!

Snow fell today!

Snow flakes fell from the sky today. It was beautiful. The ground,yet unfrozen, did not allow the flakes to accumulate or blanket the ground; but if fell! A sure sign that winter is approaching and soon snow covered hills will need to be conquered by children and sleds.

There was excitement. Children cheering, clapping and dancing because - Snow fell today! The cheers that arose were that of excitement. "It's snowing - look Mom it's snowing!!" No snow was predicted and about as fast as it started it stopped. But ...

Snow fell today!

"No two snowflakes are alike..." one of the children told a younger sibling. The statement hung in the air as the younger child considered the fact presented. He thought as he stood close to the window watching the falling snow - (it was as if you could see his brain processing the new information) - finally he responded... "Kinda hard to believe.... but a lot about God you can't understand!" That was all that was said --- and the conversation complete. Nothing more needed to be added. Such a wonderful reminder that children seem to be able to find God in the smallest of things. Even the snowflakes coming from the sky.

Oh -- did I tell you? Snow fell today!

Thanks for stopping by. Bundle up - stay warm. Winter is right around the corner! Have a wonderful weekend.


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Susan said...

It's amazing how children seem to understand that we can't understand all there is to know about God, so you might as well just believe it, trust Him, and enjoy what He gives you.

We haven't had any snow yet, but there's a possibility of a winter mix sometime within the next couple of weeks. The past two years, we've gotten snow the weekend of American Thanksgiving.