Candlelight Dinner with the Family

My husband has been working almost non stop on our bathroom since Thursday morning. James has been close behind him - finding tools, and running downstairs to get another coat of paint on the cabinet doors he is finishing. (We are almost done with the project and I am eager to show you my "after"pictures once everything is in it's place.)

It had been a long day for everyone trying to do everything that needed to be done. My husband stayed up all night last night getting the flooring in - slept a few hours and then was right back at it this morning. Needless to say, by 4:30 this afternoon, we were all getting tired.
The girls and I decided to make it nice for dinner - being Daddy was so tired and worn out. (He also was at the hardware store trying to find a part to get the sink to work.) So while he was out - we set to work at dinner. It was not anything fancy; but we wanted to make, (as Zak would say,) "our hardworking, awesome Dad", feel extra special at dinner.

A pot of chili was quickly assembled - with Abbey browning the meat and making sure it was flavored with plenty of pepper. Rachel busied herself at the kitchen table making a double batch of corn muffins. Mom got the spices into the chili pot and then set to work making homemade ranch dressing. After the meat was done, Abbey adorned salad plates with fresh greens and peppers cut "just so". The table was set beautifully with our normal everyday dishes. We thought it would look nice to add a candle or two. Then we added more - and more - - actually, by the time we were done there were candles running down the center of the table. It looked so nice! And all for a pot of soup and a plate of salad. But it was, oh, so wonderful.

We made sure we all were sitting quietly reading together in the front room when Daddy walked in. When he had left the kitchen was in disarray with tools, and what not from his long project. He came home to a house that was quiet and seemed to be a bit more in order.

What a beautiful dinner we shared together this evening. Simple and yet perfect. For it is not in the culinary delights that we find joy, or in the completely tranquil life we have made for ourselves that adds security; but rather it is taking time to make the people in our lives feel special and know that they are loved.

How blessed I was tonight to sit around a candle lit table with those most dear to me in this life. We laughed and talked as we ate our salad and enjoyed our simple soup and tried to make Daddy feel like a king - (even though his back was feeling very sore!)

I trust you are finding the blessings in your life today and everyday. I am so glad you stopped by.



Sondra said...

Oh the joys of remodeling! Our house had that lathe and plaster stuff too. Messy, messy work tearing that down. How sweet of you all to make an extra special dinner :) What a lucky man :)
Can't wait to see the end result.

Lynne said...

Your table looks so inviting. Remodeling is sure a lot of work, but I'm sure the end result will make it all worthwhile.

Have a blessed New Year!

Becky K. said...

That is so special. I am sure that it was appreciated!

Candles can really set a warm feeling to a room.

And then your family...all in one place, intentionally.

So sweet.
Becky K.

Daughter of the King said...

I loved this post...
it was a respite from your hubby's hardwork.....and a way for you to create memories for your family and just so sweet...and example for all of us as women...

Persuaded said...

This actually brought a little tear to my eye....

Keep on taking good care of that man!

Mimi said...

eventually I will get accustomed to calling you Martie..(maybe)
that was such a sweet surprise you and the girls made for your hard working husband...
Have a very Happy New Year,

Elise said...

What a lovely post - so inspiring! A wonderful reminder that we don't have to have a special occasion to make things *special* - and blessing Daddy is a wonderful start! :)
-btw, your header is lovely!

Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

How kind of you and yours to make the simple dinner so special.

Hang in there with the remodel...I've been around that block more than once.

And thanks for visiting and leaving a comment so that I could find your very cozy corner on the Net!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mom,

I loved helping you get ready for this "special evening" even though I didn't like the salad a whole lot I still had a lot fun helping make it such a special night for dad.