New Look - New Name

I thought I would start the new year off on a different foot - - or should I say a different name.

You see - when I started blogging - it was a new and exciting world to me. It also was an uncharted path for me that I wanted to pursue with caution; both for myself and my family. Thus, I decided to use a "pen" name. It was not a far fetched name for me - it did not take me hours to come up with my writing name - and at the time it just made sense. "I would use my middle name. "

I have enjoyed using my middle name - and in some ways it seems to separate the blogging me with the real life me. However, more and more of my "real life" friends are visiting and reading my blog - and more and more of them continue asking - "Why do you use the name Jane?"

So - for the new year - I am changing my blog name to match the real life name I am known by.

So for all of you "real life" friends out there - it is me.

And for all of my friends in the blogging world may I say...

"Hello, my name is Martie; I am so pleased to meet you...

Thanks so much for stopping by - May I personally wish you a Happy New Year.



(I would love to know - did any of you start with a pen name and then change over to your real name? Are any of you using a pen name at this time? )


Mrs. Elliott said...

Hi, Martie! You blog has been a special blessing to me as I have read about your life story.

Susan said...

I wondered if you used a pen name, just from some hints here and there. I'm pleased to meet you, Martie! ;)

I have always used my real name. Actually, the name I go by IS my middle name; I have never disclosed my first name on my blog though, which is what would give away more personal information, since all legal documents and info are under that first name. Since we are missionaries, our names are out there on church missionary lists, on our web page, and on our church web site, so there was no need to try to hide the name we are known by - it's already out there. So far, no trouble from anyone, other than someone locally who was asking for something I was giving away. He looked up our web site, based on my e-mail domain name, and said to forget giving him anything, because nothing is ever truly free from a missionary. Ok. So I didn't give it to him! LOL

Becky K. said...

Nice to "meet" you, again, Martie. I love your blog. I am glad you feeling comfortable enough to make this change.
I have used my first name and last initial in an attempt to preserve some privacy for our family...
Sometimes things slip out, though.

Thanks for sharing!!!!

Becky K.

Sassy Sistah said...

Hello Marti! I came across your blog yesterday and have read it all. What a wonderful blessing and inspiration your words have been to me! I'll be back often.

I've always used my real name on my blog but I started writing online in 1996. I've never posted my last name and rarely photos of myself though.

I've had three different journals or blogs through the years. My eldest son died in 2001 and I stopped writing online for a long time. I started again as a way to help me deal with depression and without him. I was determined to write more about the good things in life. I'm still trying to do that. I'm a Christian but well...not a very "good" one. But I admire people who are - like you!


Persuaded said...

Well, hello Martie, It certainly is nice to meet you:-)

Back in my first steps into the internets years ago I was in an email group FMAH (Feminist Mothers at Home) and although now, I am pretty much as far from a feminist as one can be, I look back very fondly on my time with the women I met through that group. I used my middle name, Elisabeth. Not so much for anonymity but because I really really love my middle name and am not terribly fond of my given name.

I must say, I will always think of you as Jane, my dear:-)

Mimi said...

well Hi Martie!
I am glad to meet the real you...

I guess you could call my name a pen blog is titled "Listen to Your Grammie" because my oldest set of Grand kids call me "Grammie"...

My signature name is "Mimi".. because my younger set of grand kids call me "Mimi"...
(and I answer to both)
so now you have it in a nut shell!!

Happy new year Martie...

Anita said...

I am so pleased to meet you, Martie! ;-)) I just read your comment on your blog and was a bid pussled as you wrote "... as always..." ;-))

Thanks you so much for all your recent visits to my blog! And of course, you are always more than welcome to pass by in 2008! ;-))

Happy New Year to you and your Family!

Best wishes from Germany,

Sharon said...

Hi Martie! Glad to know your name and glad to know you!!!

Happy 2008! Sharon

Daughter of the King said...

Hi Martie, Very pleased to meet remind me very much of a blogger named Jane....LOL...
and no I have not used a pen name although I have thought about it many times...your blog looks beautiful...

MightyMom said...

Martie Jane, BEAUTIFUL!

thank you for stopping by my place, I hope that you will come back!

Believe it or not, MightyMom is NOT the name I was christened with. ;-) Nor did I christen my kids Sonshine, Gator-boy or Sugars heeheehee.

As some of my blog friends have become real life friends and some real life friends come by my blog regularly, my first name slips out here and there. I don't mind, but my hubby picked "MightyMom" for me and I just love it so it stays.

I still keep my kids real names private cuz there is evil in our world and the anonymity of the internet can lure us into its path.

Mrs.T said...

Hi Martie!

I was so puzzled as I looked at your profile after you left a comment on my blog. I couldn't understand how Martie could have the same blog as Jane! But now I get it!

I use a pen name of sorts, but many of my friends and my hubby usually call me Mrs. T, so in a sense I am using my "real" name.

I enjoy your blog very much!

God bless,Mrs.T

Sharon said...

Hi Jane! I mean Martie!!
;-) When you left a comment on my blog last night, I thought, "Mmm? a new visitor!" Well, I'm so pleased to find out it's you!!
I've always used my real name.

Renee's Reading Nook said...

Martie, thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you too. Happy New Years to you and your family!


Kathy said...

Happy New Year, "Martie!"

I use my given middle name, or proper name Katherine, but all my old friends, and family call me Kathy.

I'm a very trusting person and have never been afraid to use names on my blog, don't think I have ever used our last name though.

Thanks for your honesty!


Nettie said...

Nice to meet you Martie!

I do use a pen name. Actually it is my nickname. The one that my family, many friends and DH have always called me. Since only really good friends have called me that, it is fun that so many of my online friends (and now many irl friends who have started blogging) think of my with my nickname.