Little Mommy - Revisited

Elise hosts a Children's Book Monday. Some of my fondest memories are hearing my mother read to me. Jump on over and join Elise and others for this great literary memory making Monday!

"This is my house, and I am the Mommy..."

When I was little this was my favorite book in the whole world. Even today, it remains my all time favorite children's book.

This Little Mommy is Mother to 3 "children" (Annabell, Betsy and Bonnie). Throughout the book, she takes good care of her little babies. Oh how she loves being a Mommy! How she cares for them - and the home her little ones live in. I always loved her washing her clothes in her washing machine and hanging them on the line to dry. (Perhaps this is why I love to hang out my clothes to dry? hmmm)

She finds herself busy with many domestic chores throughout the day; but still finds the time to care for a sick child, make a pie for Daddy, and host a tea party with her neighbor.

The ending is precious - for even as a little Mommy - she realizes that she does have a lot to do to care for those that she loves - but it is meaningful work and work that is quite rewarding.

"We Mommies have such a lot to do. Goodnight dollies - I'm sleepy too."

How many times I mothered those little dolls when I was young - as if they were my very own. How neat to look at life now and realize - I am living out my dream - I am just no longer as little as I used to be! :0

I actually do not own this book at this time. I want is so bad - because my book got too torn up through the years. Perhaps someday I will find me another copy. Rest assured though - that it is dear to my heart; for even to this day I can quote the book from cover to cover. My children have heard it many times!

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Renee's Ramblings said...

What a precious book! I wish I had read that as a little girl. Thanks for sharing.


Anna said...

This is my first visit to your website. I came over from Elise's blog. What a nice blog you have! I think I'll be back to visit again. :)

I love eloise Wilkin's Old Little Golden Books and have many of them. However, I haven't heard of this one! I have 2 little girls and this sounds like it would be a perfect book for them.

Thank you for reviewing it!


EdibleEducation said...

sounds like a very sweet book - in some ways similar to the books I reviewed "We Help Mommy" and "We Help Daddy"...there is also another one called "Baby Dear" - and a new baby sister or brother is added to the family and while mother does all the things for the new baby - little girl does the same for her doll baby.

Jane said...

It is a lot like "We Help Mommy / Daddy!" My other favorite is "Baby Dear". The artist on all of these is the same.

MondaythroughSunday said...

I remember having that book as a child...Very sweet!! Thank you for sharing!

nannykim said...

wow--we had a lot of golden books for our kids, but I do not believe I ever saw that one. Now if I get time I will have to look through ours, but I think I would have remembered the pictures. But the old golden books are quite delightful--love the old family pictures ;-)

Mimi said...

what a sweet book
and what a sweet book report...
thanks for sharing your memories with us

Persuaded said...

I collect old Golden Books, but I have never seen this one! I love "We Help Mommy/Daddy" and "Baby Dear" I need to try and find this treasure:-)

Mom said...

MOM has sent you a link to a blog:

I can quote that book too! Thats ALL you ever wanted read to you. I could try everything imaginable to change your mind but Little Mommy must be read FIRST then I could read another. . I can still hear you reading it to Rachel & Abby. Or should I say reciting it! Love Mom

Elise said...

It's Eloise Wilkin week! I love her books, and this is yet another that I don't have, and haven't even heard of! But MUST get my hands on! I'm off to Abebooks to find myself a used copy...
Thank you for joining in, friend!