Sounds of the Season

We started out the week with fresh snow covering everything. I think they said when it was all done we got about 7.5 inches of the white stuff. It was wonderful. We got a bit of a dusting yesterday too. It's really feeling like Christmas!

On Tuesday night we went caroling to area residents. It was a wonderful time to go and sing carols house to house and hand out goodies to the people who were home to listen. It was a perfect night for it too! The snow was lightly falling, the air was cold - but not frigid. I do not know how many houses we went to; but I think it was around 15 or so.

We were greeted at some of the homes we visited by elderly folks who clearly enjoyed the visitors on their front porch. My daughter said to me as we were walking away from one of these homes, "Mom, what if one of the people we visit tonight was having a bad day - and then we come and sing to them and they forget about their day - I really like this..." I had to agree with her there - it truly was a blessing!

We arrived back at the church with cold cheeks and noses; but hearts full and warm. Hot cocoa and lively stories warmed up the extremities.

What a beautiful night we had together.

Trust you are having a good week. Thanks so much for stopping by.



Sharon said...

How wonderful that someone is still doing this!! I'm sure you all brightened many hearts. :-)

Daughter of the King said...

Sounds like your daughter "gets it"....I think this is a wonderful thing you did..