Happy Birthday Dad!!

Happy Birthday - Dad. I LOVE you! Thanks for being a wonderful father to me. You put up with so much from me when I was young.

Some of my fondest memories with you are sitting in cars that were on the rack - while you worked under the hood. I can not tell you what the smell of a mechanic's garage does to me - so many memories!
I remember when you took me out on a date for my thirteenth birthday. I was so nervous - but had such a magical night with you. I loved holding your hand - I felt so safe - and proud to have you as my Dad.
I remember you dropping me off at college. I think it was harder on you and Mom than it was for me - although I did shed quite a few tears- when the homesick heart was breaking.
I remember coming home for your birthday and surprising you by my visit. (I think that this is one of my fondest memories - and I have played it over and over in my head - just to relive it one more time). It was so neat to be there with you on your birthday - even though it was unexpected for you. Remember how I was playing the piano when you got home from work?

Now, I am all grown up - and the older I get the more I appreciate you. Thank for everything you have done for me through the years. Your sacrifices, your love and concern - have helped to mold me. I am so glad that God gave you to me - What a wonderful gift He gave me - when He gave me a Dad like you.

I Love you so much!!



Daughter of the King said...

Happy Birthday to your father..from your friend here in Washington...
What a great post...
Sounds like a wonderful man.

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to your dad!