Home Economics 101 - Test One

I got the night off from cooking dinner tonight. Abbey agreed, (begged) that she could make dinner for me - dessert and all!

We have been working together on a home economics course. We are covering beginning cooking. By no means, have we reached the part where she is to try to make dinner (we are still on the chapter naming all the kitchen utensils.) Well, this particular 11 year old was confident that she could make dinner all by herself - no help from mom. So.... I agreed to let her give it a try. I must say, I was quite impressed with the results.

This evening's menu:
Beef Stroganoff
Buttered Noodles
Fresh Cut Vegetable Sticks
Sugar Sprinkled Devils Food Cake
Hot Tea

Not only did she make the best stroganoff I have ever tasted; but to boot - the kitchen stayed very clean even during the prep process. When we sat down to dinner the mixing bowls and utensils were in the sink. Adorning the counter tops was dessert plates and forks ready to serve after the main course was served. I was served dinner as if I was in a restaurant - with a waitress catering to my every need. (Such a wonderful treat for Mom - as Dad is out of town and missed the service!) It was a blessing and a culinary delight.

I think I have a budding chef on my hands. In a year or so I will be out of a job in the family kitchen - not to worry though, that has been the main objective since they were little. Train them to do what I do - so when they get older - they will know how to manage a home.
I decided to grade her on her dinner success: 100% Abbey - good job!! I love you - you are going to make a wonderful wife and mother someday - Lord willing. Keep up the good work.


Cathy said...

What a pretty, smart little girl you have! And she prepared such a great meal. You are very blessed.

Ron and Ginny said...

What a beautiful meal. Good job, Abbey! :-D

Anonymous said...

Dear Abbey (and Martie),

May I come for dinner? :) I miss you guys bunches! Congrats, Abbey!

Mrs. Slayton

Mimi said...

Congratulations Abbey!!
your dinner looks very delicious ...I would love to have you come by my house any time and whip up a dinner like that...(even down to the chocolate cake!)

Daughter of the King said...

good job Abbey...and Abbey's mom...I am impressed and it a great thing that these things are being passed on...
She looks like a *natural* in the kitchen....could I hire her???
I have had a rough week...again with this *bug*...coughing..coughing...

Shelli Hawkins said...

WAY TO GO ABBEY! I didn't know you had it in you. This coming Thursday you can cook me dinner!!

nannykim said...

Glad you let her do it--great experience and such a blessing!

Sharon said...

Abbey did a wonderful job!