A Place for Everything...

I wanted to share for Kitchen Tip Tuesday my method for corralling my recipes. Unfiled papers have a way of taking over life.

I purchased a "Sketch Diary". The outer cover is quite durable and the pages are thick card stock. Then I went and got some index tags. I then divided my notebook into sections. (baking, main dishes, drinks, soups, etc).

I only use this book for recipes that I have tried and the family loved - or that I will make again and again. (So I guess I could call it my frequently used recipes). Once the recipes passes the "everyone loves it and wants me to make it again" test - I will tape it into the correct section of the book. I am also able to place notes to myself on the side of the recipe. For example, if it is a dish that I need to double - I can note that there. Or perhaps, I can keep track of how much this meal cost per serving; so when money is tight and I need to watch our grocery spending - I can choose low cost meals that everyone loves. I also record the points per serving following the Weight Watchers Points system.

I love it too because it has folders in the front and back of the book. So recipes that I have not yet tried, are placed there - not sitting on my desk getting lost in the great paper abyss.
This has really helped me keep better track of the recipes that I use frequently. I just found with an index box - I could not find a convenient place to store it. This way, I can just set "MY" cook book on the shelves along with the other cookbooks and have everything in one place.

Thanks for stopping by for Kitchen Tip Tuesday. For more tips go to Tammy's. (Thanks Tammy for hosting - and congratulations on your new little one!)




Lauren said...

I love this idea I will need to do this... :)

Sharon said...

A great idea! Love the pockets!

Sonshine said...

I love this idea! I have an index box that just isn't cutting it. I need to weed out recipes that I will never make and keep the ones that I know my family will love time and time again. This is definitely an easy idea to implement! :)

AllyJo said...

This is such a good idea to seperate the ones we love from the ones I haven't tried yet. I never thought of this before.